Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moregeous - Making a Tight Squeeze Gorgeous

I've mentioned Moregeous in passing in the past. She and her hubs own rental property overseas. When tenants move out, she steps in to redecorate and increase their value through functional spaces.

I've always wanted a couch in the kitchen but this is extreme
In her newest renovation she redid the kitchen, fixed the entryway, redid the bathroom, etc etc. Then she topped it off with that gorgeous rug and couch.

This apartment is a perfect example of how small spaces can still feel large through decluttering. Its also a lovely example of how lush fabrics and beautiful accents can make a teeny bathroom still feel luxurious.

That sink is tiny in size but huge on style!
Its no surprise she rented to the second person who saw it for twice as much as it'd rented for pre-renovation!


Direct links to this renovation project (the "before" bathroom pics will make your soul cry out for Lysol):


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Anny for such lovely compliments about our teeny Project Squeeze, I'm so proud she has a fan across the pond ;-0