Friday, October 1, 2010

Monthly Goals - The Rainy Halloween Ed.

I love rain as much as I love Halloween
I don't know why I resist fall so much. I *LOVE* rain, I'm a November baby, Halloween has the best decor and did I mention the rain?


1. Halloween Decorating
I have always wanted to decorate for Halloween but this is my first time decorating something other than my desk at work. When you move as much as I used to only Christmas decor gets storage space.

2. Cook and bake and enjoy Fall
Rainy fall weather makes me appreciate baked goods, long simmering sauces, hot tea and good books. Its so much better than winter and its slippery, slushy mess.

3. Pack away Summer
As much as I love my tanks only a few can remain to be layered under sweaters. Its time to figure out how x+1 amount of sweaters can fit into x amount of space. Fun, but not!

4. Plan my annual Parental Visit
My parents live in DR and I swing by once a year in the fall. This year things have become complicated as some other family members want me to go during the holidays with them but I think I'll stick to a fall visit.

5. Buy a cable modem
My roomy and I have been renting our Comcast modem for over a year at $5 a month. *cringe* I don't know why I've put this off for so long.

6. General decluttering
Holding off for a couple of months may net you higher bids as Christmas approaches but if you're intent on making some bucks/decluttering, eBay is free to list for the rest of the year. As expected, post-garage sale I am finding a ton of stuff I would like to get rid of :P


Angela said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday. No gifts, but lots of fun and candy!! :D