Wednesday, October 6, 2010

idea Blatantly stolen from Hyperbole & a Half

So last night I was being whiny about my joint pain and swollen knees to my roomy. We yakked it over and since the pain isn't interfering with my daily activities decided I should take ibuprofen for the swelling but probably skip the pain meds unless I really needed them.

There's only one situation in which I immediately jump for meds and it happened this am...

Chris Rock and I agree* - Robitussin will placebo disease away until it has time to cure it.

The first image under VapoRub on Google was at Things Dominican People Like**

I'm actually fine (as evidenced by my watching tv instead of dying). I'd been scratchy throated for a few days but attributed it to the change in weather or the deep cleaning (with loads of chemicals) I did to the apartment yesterday. Its a running joke that I don't catch colds too often but with these immediate defenses the cold virus doesn't stand a chance!

* Chris Rock on Robitussin:

"Firsthand, I have witnessed it being used to treat mosquito bites, headaches, toenail fungus, sore throats and muscle pain." Duh, of course they use it for that stuff. Menthol is awesome for numbing body parts and opening up breathing passages. Who doesn't like those things!?

Idea stolen from Hyperbole and a Half, who makes this look a lot easier than it is - and I only drew *cough, cough* two panels!

George Carlin was probably right but I heart my Tussin :/


QL girl said...'s not just Dominicans! lol. I think it's a Hispanic thing in general! (My hispanic friends all had the same wasn't until our early teens that we realized that "vaporuup" was actually Vick's VapoRub!)