Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween in the Random Household

I have candy corn for that pumpkin...somewhere

Candles from Target, eyes from Michael's. Faces cut out sillylily
Making faces is fun :D
Living room looking into dining room. I kind of love our home
Left bookshelf with sad plants
CVS pumpkin that lights up
Right bookshelf with Halloween tree

Check the itty, bitty ornaments!

These lights are from the Dollar Tree. I have a feeling these pictures would be much cooler at night

Dining room

Complete with haunted chandy!

I love silly, cute things

Spooky candles of spookdom

Speaking of spooky...lets move on to the kitchen

Where the ugly chandy's rooster is now also being haunted

Random ghost in a shadowbox just because

I was starting to run out of places to hang ghosts from

Lets haunt the bertoias

These guys sit on my computer tower because they creep out my roomy. I never found the "see no evil" holder to complete my set :(

 So that's Halloween over here in Randomville, how's it hitting your homes?


Mandi said...

I want those lights from Dollar tree! Dang I missed those. Love the skeletons atop the TV. Those rule.

Mandi said...

Skulls, I mean.

Lauren @ 31diy said...

You have so many great Halloween decorations! I especially love the ghosts hanging from the chandelier. Cute!