Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come on rain - I have a new umbrella!!!

I won an umbrella last week from NY $pender and its been sunny and clear ever since. *le Sigh*

Now what kind of umbrella is worth enduring a rainy rush hour? The SQUIDRELLA UMBRELLA! Its black with white splotches that turn different colors when wet.

Fun and novelty aside, this will be great for telling when its ok to put my umbrella away. After a few rusting incidents in my youth, I leave umbrellas propped open for a whole day after a downpour. My roomy pre-emptively thanks the company for not having to look at that mess anymore.

Speaking of my love for rain and its toys, check out this post I bookmarked ages ago but was never able to work into a blog: WHORANGE'S wet weather wardrobe & umbrella fashion.

I love that rainy day fashion isn't just for kids these days!