Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloody Candles - Martha Stewart Knock-offf

Candles unaware of their bloody fate
So I took five of yesterday's candles and de-pinkified them, thereby ensuring I lose this blog's eight year old girl readership.

Then I took a half melted red candle from last week's Horror Movie Extravaganza. I lit the red one and angled it so it would drip down the sides of the beige candles.

I sat the candelabra inside a trash bag because I'm clumsy and my roommate isn't blind.
It was so easy I only have one tip: when the red candle is lit, hold it against the side of the other candle and let a lot trickle down. Don't stop when you run out of wax. It will be slower going but its the easiest way of getting longer drips.

Most of the candles lit from the red candle.
Pretty neat effect eh? Oh and the pewter candelabra was from a garage sale last year. I love repurposing "real" stuff as holiday decor!

Inspiration shot from MarthaStewart.Com
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