Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angel Boxxed Set $50! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Dear Joss,

As you know the Angel: Seasons 1-5 (Collectors Set) is only $50 today at Amazon. While I approve of the slim cases and cool packaging, I am concerned about purchasing individual box sets anymore.

A friend once told me having the original sets (purchased at $40 a season on release date) gave me more cred but I'm not sure.

What I'm asking is - should I pre-order Dollhouse Season 2 or wait for the Dollhouse Double Season Boxxed Set of Cuteness? FYI, of course I already own season 2.

Consternationally Yours,

What do you think of this license plate holder?
Did you hear Staples will be selling the Kindle starting next week!? So much for Amazon exclusive! Plus now people with rewards and ink checks can save up to get free Kindles! ...then pay for books to read on it.


Angela said...

Oh, Dude, had I not just paid $100 for a Droid 2, I would be all over this. I have the Buffy Collectors set (got it when it was on sale like this, too). I have been wanting the Angel one, but every time it's on sale like this, I never have the funds.

And I did not know that about the Kindle! Bastards!! I love mine, but I bought it in late January, paid $289 for it.