Monday, September 13, 2010

Will Smith's 9 Year old daughter signs with Jay Z, Whips her hair back and forth

So this nine year old bundle of adorableness is Will Smith's daughter Willow. She just signed with Jay Z and this is her first song. Don't her hair and voice remind you of a baby Rihanna?

Anyway, yes she's 9.

I saw Will Smith interviewed about child rearing about five years ago. He seemed to treat his kids like miniature adults. He talked about their emotional as well as financial responsibility to the family unit and themselves. Keep in mind the kids were barely in grade school at that point!

18 Year old half brother is the family slacker; unemployed since 2003
Obviously something clicked because we just saw his son as the new Karate Kid (imdb says he's been performing since he was five) and Willow (she has an imdb too, who knew?) is now getting a fair amount of air play in NY. Although we love Jay Z so much anyone he sponsors is immediately going to get airplay.

I just wish Will Smith would have gotten to Laurence Fishburne in time with parenting advice.


Della said...

Hehe, I heard that song and I could only listen for it for a few seconds and then I was annoyed. I'm not much for child stars, I hate them because they are more talented than I. Or maybe they just have better connections. :)