Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wachovia - What the hell are you DOING!?

Me, after Customer "Service" Rep called me a fibber
I'm sad to report Wachovia has become the Crappiest Bank in the World.* A lot of the perks which kept me a loyal Wachovia customer are gone:
  • No free overdraft protection between accounts
  • No free checks
  • No free check images
  • No free non-Wachovia atm withdrawals
and these are just the ones I've run into!

The needle fell tonight. I live next to a QuickChek and during garage sale season will stop there for cash because they don't charge to use their atm. I have Wachovia Crown Banking so I've been able to get two non-Wachovia withdrawals a month for over a year. As long as I didn't stop by more than twice a month the withdrawals were free.

Well the regime has changed and the new one hates its customers.

I called Wachovia as soon as I saw the non-Wachovia atm charges and the customer service rep said she's NEVER HEARD OF free non-Wachovia atm withdrawals!!! GUYS I HEART FINANCE! I've been cheering the non-Wachovia fees for over a year here and in real life!!! I check my on-line accounts compulsively! I would know if I'd been charged before.

Unfortunately its been a while since I've had to stop at a non-Wachovia for cash (proof I haven't garage saled this summer) so I couldn't immediately find a withdrawal in my history to prove my point but as soon as I do I'm calling back.

Then I'm going figuring out how to transfer my Roth to another banking institution and getting the hell out of Dodge. Way2Save my ass!

PS I joined the Wachovia Sucks facebook group. Its over for us Wachovia.

* Poll surveyed me and those I love the most but will also be ditching Wachovia