Sunday, September 12, 2010

on Boots, Music and my Inability to Dance!

So yesterday I went shopping with a few of my aunts and came home with two pairs of boots.
Footwear or pets?
Unfortunately the above pair (a steal at only $20) are a half size too big for me. Unfortunately Group Think caucussed and my 31 year old self became convinced they were a steal to be Owned by Me! This means my more rational, day after mind knows they need to go back. I'm too old for knee and back pain caused by improperly sized, cute footwear.
Boots with the fuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr
This other, awesomer pair were only $30! I wanted grey boots last year but suck at going shopping. I am super excited about these because they're Apple Bottom boots (I don't think anyone wears these anymore but I've never been good at following trends).

So you know what that means! I get to watch the Low video!!!

I had a roommate who loved looping this song when she was getting ready for a night out. Watching it again, after so many years really makes me want to spazz out, arms flailing and disregarding any sense of rhythm.

Unfortunately these guys are professional dancers who practice and have coordination while I am accident prone and bruise easily.

It reminds me of a post from my new favorite blog: Hyperbole and a Half

Anything done by Beyonce, ever should not be attempted by the public...especially in public
She had an amazing post called Expectations vs Reality, which nailed me to a tee! She started off by talking about her random, sudden decision to watch a horror movie alone - something I infrequently attempt with disastrous results. Then its the awful "dancing in public" scenario. She ends with

"This discrepancy between the way I imagine things unfolding and how they actually happen is most dramatic when I overestimate my ability to perform a pointless feat of athleticism. I'll walk past a low-hanging branch and be struck with an irresistible desire to see if I can jump up and touch it with my face. I'll see something heavy lying on the ground and suddenly need to know if I can pick it up. There are absolutely no tangible benefits to doing these things, but the consequences are often significant." Source

To sum up this rambly post, boots are cute, knee pain sucks and acting a fool in public is not a good thing.

Now get LOW!!!


FB @ said...

I almost like them half a size bigger because then I can wear thick winter woolly socks and not feel cramped :)

I like both pairs!

Angela said...

I love the boots! I don't wear boots very often because my feet get too hot. But those are adorable.