Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not everything needs a taste!

Artificially Flavored eh? Shockage.

Forget sound - apparently the new rigor in greeting cards is taste!

As an 80s kid I am all for scratch and sniffing stuff. Sometimes I have to remind myself certain things are not meant for human consumption (air fresheners, lotions, candles). Hell - my red shuffle is called "Please don't eat me!" which results in hilarity at work when someone jumps on my computer.

However this series of cards takes it too far. They come with flavor strips inside, which dissolve on yoru tongue. This is fine for getting picky kids to take meds and was a cute candy gimmick. But greeting cards!? They are part of a series at Rite Aid, with different flavors (cake, brownie and donut fyi).

Adding insult to injury the cards are $5 each! I'd rather get a generic card and real pastry!