Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lets have a freakout about internet privacy, eh?

I can't stop looking at this.
So this woman in Cali's husband left the car unlocked overnight with a GPS on the dash. Of course, the car was broken into and the thief got the gps, some bags, papers, etc.

First thing she did was go on craigslist and see if her garmin was there - damned if it wasn't! She paid $15 for a reverse e-mail finder and found out the seller had also used that addy to sign up on a dating site with pictures of his girl. She couldn't find him on MS but she found the girl and then him. So for $15 she had all sorts of personal info on the guy:

"He had not posted his whole name. But I knew what I had to work with: John F, Caucasian, 23 years old, from San Mateo." plus pictures, of course

She called the cops and continued to cyber-stalk the guy. It turns out he'd used one of her credit cards at a McDonalds and the camera footage confirmed it was the same guy. Cops confirmed he was out on parole.

Dude's in jail for two years now and the writer is off telling the world about it. I hope he's not too internet savvy because her description "He was a tall linebacker type with an emerging belly and piercing blue eyes that seemed to issue a dare. He looked vaguely neo-Nazi, but maybe that was just the blond buzz cut." doesn't sound like someone who will be happy to find out he became an internet laughing stock while in jail.

Because lets face it - he's been to her house once and doesn't seem very stable. Source.

Although I guess once her royalties are done she can delete herself from the internet.