Friday, September 3, 2010

Lasik - aka my week in a dark room with Stephen King

My eye was kind of red after surgery but its fading now. Ignore that white thing under my eyebrow. IDK what it is and don't feel like photoshopping.
So remember how I was going to do so many small things this week because I would be stuck indoors healing and connecting with Mother Earth? Yeah, I didn't do most of those things.

I lasikk'ed last Friday afternoon and will take the Louisa May Alcott approach to love scenes when describing it. If you've gone through lasik, no amount of verbiage can describe what happens under the laser. If you haven't done it, any description automatically seems overly elaborate.

Friday and Saturday are rather hazy. My friend was taking care of me and I remember always waking up ravenous. I'd wake up, devour something, then go nap from the exertion of chewing. Sunday was slightly better but mostly spent in bed too. I don't remember much about Monday, beyond not being able to use the computer, tv or read. I was too exhausted to cook and ended up in my room with Stephen King mp3s most of the time.

Tuesday was my day to emerge from the cocoon so I grabbed my dark shades and ran around doing all my Sunday shopping and even visited family for a short while. I don't know if it was the heat, the sudden influx of fast food, or my body just deciding to act up but I felt TERRIBLE on Wednesday. I woke up unable to mentally focus, listless and nauseous. (TMI ALERT)I eventually threw up and re-retired to my bed with Stephen King. When I woke up that afternoon I decided to finally cook (yummy turkey and cornbread pie, pics and recipe coming soon!) and end my stint with fast or nuked food. I kept feeling worse and there was great pressure behind my eye so I called the aftercare number around 7pm. The doctor called me back within 10 minutes and scheduled me for an early appointment yesterday morning.

Basically everything is fine and I probably got some kind of short stomach virus. The pressure may have been sudden dehydration caused by the afore-mentioned barfing. I am not dying or going blind. My vision is 15/20, which is nice.

I get halo'ing around lights and a lot of dry eye but that's probably going to be my life for the next six months.

I think the oddest effect, which I hadn't considered pre-surgery is that my myopia is gone. I couldn't see far away things very well prior to surgery but nearby objects were in sharp relief. No type was too tiny for this eye! Now that its the opposite, it takes my eye a second or so to focus on nearby objects. The focusing muscle will strengthen with time (everything has a six month window!) but for now the delay is surreal. I have a hard time even reading the fine print on my medication labels - something I've been doing for others since I was a wee lass.

I watched tv without issue last night and am ok with the computer in short stints. I'm still doing a lot of laying down (being on my back with my eyes closed makes it feel SO MUCH better) and have no idea how people return to work the day after surgery. I'm so focussed on after-care that I avoided electronics for an extra day!

Dear Stephen King, I love you but your bedside manner leads to nightmares.
Admittedly, I have a bit of a hypochondriac streak in me. I take care of all my basic check-ups in January and assume I will be fine for the rest of the year. I have the usual aches and pains, but nothing interesting. As soon as something unexpected happens I turn to Dr. Google the Pessimist and can't stop obsessing. I don't know if its a good thing to be hyper-aware of changes in your body or not. I remember the same pre-occupation with my bottom braces (I still shudder thinking about those first few days) and having my wisdom teeth extracted remains one of my Top Traumatic Moments.

The gist of this post is that I'm ok, probably being overly diligent with my aftercare and overly concerned with catastrophes and mortality. The last part probably has something to do with Stephen King. Should I ever have recovery downtime in the future, I am loading my ipod with vapid stories instead.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling your story! Lasik is something that I have been covetting... I use that word because I hope it gives across the thought of a jealous, lustful desire because thats what it is! I got my first pair of glasses at age 8 and wore contacts for about 12 years until I had kids. My cousin had Lasik and is one of those people who was running around the next day as if she had drops in her eyes and not a hot, eye altering lazer beamed into her eyeball. I too count Wisdom teeth extraction as one of the most horrifying experiences of my life and would just as soon have another child without drugs than work done on my teeth.(I did say Another) I hope all of your discomforts clear up soon and that your vision is wonderful both near and far!
Kim..... VW clanny

Anny said...

Hi Kim! My roomy asked if I would do it again. Because I was not a candidate for contacts (blind in one eye so three different doctors turned me down on the grounds that a bad eye infection could ruin my vision for good), I would do it again. If I could wear contacts I would probably opt out of the surgery. I've been wearing glasses since I was a kid and am just sick of them!

My doctor gave me super-strict after-care instructions. Because I know what its like to not have vision and found lasik traumatic enough to do ANYTHING to keep from going under the blade for touch-ups again I chose to stay inside and follow everything he said to the letter. I wasn't risking anything to screw this up LOL

Kate said...

Wow! I'm glad you're feeling better. I believe it's much better to be overly diligent in aftercare than just assuming things are okay.

Hope you are feeling back to 100% soon!

Angela said...

Yay, I'm so glad that you are fine. I was going to say, wow!! I can't believe you were so sick after surgery - I was driving the next day. But it makes sense that you were really sick with something else.

Della said...

Whew. Wow. Ouch.

So glad you're feeling better (and back blogging).

Get more sleep!