Saturday, September 25, 2010

Garage Sale Recap

I can't believe its been two years since my last (successful) garage sale! My friend's building was having a multi-family sale so I showed up with a few boxes to unclutter and ended up selling almost everything. I made about $150 to boot :D

I'm the one in the middle trying to unsuccessfully sell a tray
We started at 7am (I know!) and there were already early birds outside. That picture was after about three hours and most of my stuff was already gone. I'd kept my Boxes o Crap in the car overnight so this morning parked in front to unload. As I was unloading people were going through the boxes (luckily all marked with prices earlier) and buying so I got lazy and didn't set stuff out on sheets as I'd planned. I sorted differently priced stuff into boxes (all $2 here, all $1 there, etc) and let people buy from those. Surprisingly this tactic worked!

Top bill is a $2 bill! I hadn't gotten one of these since my waitressing days!
By the end of the day I only had this table's worth of stuff left. See that beautiful red can opener? Its the bane of my existence and kept me from much canned corn until I finally got a manual opener. Of course my roomy and her mom can operate it without issue - but for me? Lost cause!  *holds grudge*

Here's what I came home with - a bouquet of autumn flowers  one of the other sellers gave me. Candlestick holders and candles I nabbed from my friend for Halloween decor (he doesn't get why half melted candles on black holders = Halloween. Men!) plus a straw holder of Cuteness. I bought the small pendant in front for $4 from one of the seller's moms who showed up with a bunch of silver. Its inlaid pearl on one side (pictured) and onyx on the other.

I forgot how much I enjoy selling! I love hearing anecdotes from people about who they're buying from/where stuff is going/how much they also love my stuff. One lady had a tiny dog and she got him to show me his tricks and let me feed him doggie treats :D

I also learned what my roomy has been saying for the past 1.5 years is true - no one else has a fascination with white porcelain and glass. Its a hard lesson but I will not be funding my retirement by reselling a cache of vintage pyrex.
So it was a pretty great day. My goal was to unclutter stuff I no longer wanted, not profit (I think my most expensive item was $4) so I was highly successful in this venture! PLUS my friend suggested we get up early and garage sale shop next weekend! That is my idea of a fun morning :)


Angela said...

I don't know why, but I am laughing so hard at your red can opener story!

Audra said...

I agree, I was laughing and reading parts of this to my daughter College Diva! We both snorted at the mention of the evil red opener story! We had one too and were certain it was possessed. I finally gave it away at a yard sale...I hope the new owner was sucessful in exorcising the demon from that awful red can opener.

Isn't it a great feeling to declutter and make some green? It's my favorite way to recycle...stuff in. Win Win!

Mandi said...

Ooh I think you and I are on the same page with the spooky candles. . .

Also, $150? You go, girl.

Kayla said...

I love a good garage sale. I totally get the candles. Makes perfect sense!!!

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