Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cast of Serenity turns to Fake pr0n

Much hotter than that washed out Penny. I hate Felicia Day more than eye crust.
Dear Joss,

Did you hear that Nathan Fillion aka Captain Reynolds and Alan Tudyk aka Wash RIP are making fake pr0n!?

Its called PG Porn and the tagline is "For people who like everything about porn...except the sex," which is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.

Look at poor Malcolm forcing Aria to make out with a guy on-screen!

And I thought killing him off was bad, this guy really hurt Alan.

Joss, please stop focusing on that silly Day girl and bring work to the cast of Serenity. They're obviously talented....and desperate.

With Concern,


Purrsona said...

I haven't seen the Alan tudyk one yet but Nathan Fillion did this back in 2008