Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lasik Fears

So I had a lasik consultation today.

I've been legally blind in my left eye since birth. I can make out movement, general shapes and colors but can't discern specifics. If you and I were both looking at a door I'd be able to tell it was a door and where the knob is but you'd be able to see the grain.

Anyway, I was secretly, secretly, secretly hoping lasik would give me vision in that eye and therefor the depth perception I need for stuff like driving and putting stuff on the table.

Sadly, the eye will continue to be useless. The doctors fiddled with different levels of prescription and didn't even believe me at first that I could see anything from that eye. Apparently when you see so little for biological reasons the brain can psychologically shut down all vision to keep conflicting information and double vision from happening.

So I wear glasses for the right eye and that one is a prime candidate for lasik. Apparently my age and its condition could result in my having 15/20 vision. I can go in for the surgery in as little as two weeks.

I'm terrified that it will end up messed up and I will be fully blind.

I know five different folks who've had lasik over the years and while they complain about light senstivity or dry eyes they all seem thrilled by the procedure. I don't like wearing glasses and think being able to see clearly all the time would be great. I really liked the doctor. I can afford to do this right now.

In the end I will go through with this and probably be thrilled beyond this blog but right now I'm still adjusting to the idea that I even qualify for the treatment.

And trying really hard not to cringe at the pictures of people in the middle of the surgery


Angela said...

I had mine done last year and it's one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. I was legally blind without my contacts or glasses. I have not had any trouble at all. :D

Mandi said...

My hubby had his done this Christmas-- he couldNOT drive without his glasses on beforehand, period.

He loves it. He is totally thrilled and now can see better than me. He also told me they offered him a pill to stay calm. He didn't take it, and it was quick and fine (no pain afterward either).

Little Miss Moneybags said...

Yay! I had it done a year and a half ago, and it was the best decision I ever made. The dryness and light sensitivity are very slight, no worse than when I wore contacts, actually.

When I got the surgery they gave me a stuffed dog to hold, and they slapped a Staples "That was easy" button when we walked out of the room. It was over in five minutes. Good luck!

ryan said...

Hmm... you learn something new every day. Now I see why you're so into photography. You get to share you're unique vision on multiple levels.