Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to rebate with PARAGO

In order to be a Staples premiere member you must spend $1000 in a year AFTER coupons. This is a mean feat for couponners like me.

Luckily companies like SAGE put out their Peachtree software for free after rebates twice a year. The rebates are worth $135 each so I keep a close eye on mine.

1. Submit the rebate on-line at

2. Scan everything mailed in and circle important information with a highlighter

3. Wait for e-mailed rejection notice. Ignore the offer to e-mail or on-line chat with an operator. Definitely do not call any 1-800 numbers they suggest when informing you of the rejection.

4. Call the number they have listed with the BBB - (972) 538-7200

Last year I made the mistake of calling the 1-800 number and it took almost two months of talking to overseas reps to get paid. The second time my rebate (miraculously) went through without a hitch. This time I called the Texan number and it was resolved within two minutes with an updated status on the website.