Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does Staples screw up your orders too?

We don't need no stinking packaging!
Look at what Staples shipped to me today. My $60 keyboard arrived without a box or any type of packaging. The seal on this box was broken and dirty. This was obviously a returned item.
WTF were they thinking?
Can you make out how dented this box is? Inside this packaging was the generic plastic keyboard cover and that was also bent but did not photograph well.

What all items should ship like.
I also received my $30 monitor lift on the same UPS truck. What a difference! The box is in perfect shape and large enough to have fit my keyboard as well. So Staples obviously orders boxes large enough to ship keyboards, they just chose not to use them. Lets face it - given the choice between protecting a $60 electronic item or a $30 plastic item, I would have gone for the keyboard.

Pristine, just like I like my orders!
I've had problems with Staples delivery in the past. I love Staples and will continue shopping there but wish there were a way for them to slow down and mail things correctly. I received this order within 24 hours of placing it and delivery was free, which is great! However I would have happily waited an extra few days if it meant I got an unopened keyboard in proper packaging.


FB @ said...

Staples made BF very angry. THEY SUCK for online delivery orders, lost his order twice and tried to make him pay twice