Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 17 - What you want to be remembered for

My father is a tremendous story teller. He loves meeting friends and talking of the days and people of yore. I'll often hear him and my uncles discussing people who died before they were born in Dominican Republic.

There are three types of people discussed. First were the vagabonds who created trouble for everyone and often found ill ends. Then there were the wealthy land owners who left legacies for their descendants. Third were those who led exemplary lives devoted to the care of family members. They were midwives, adoptive parents and caretakers.

I want to be remembered for being kind. I don't live in a village where I would end up adopting family members or cooking for anyone who drops by but I want to be remembered for being understanding of other's faults. I want my family to remember me as someone who always hugged and told them they were loved. The memories of who we are may only last a couple of generations but the lessons we teach our youngsters are passed on forever.


Mandi said...

I love that. I think I would answer exactly the same (guess I better be living that way, huh?).