Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3am but its done :)

Mandi keeps asking what I've been working on recently so here is my latest "completed" project (as of 5 minutes ago) - raulpenaranda.com. The objectives were clean, dark, simple lines and a website that could be viewed on cellphones.

So what else has kept me on the computer but away from Ye Olde Blog this lovely August? I did a print ad for a local real estate agent - nothing fancy - just a bunch of squares with pictures and text. I designed a 28 page local newspaper with a bunch of tiny little ads in that as well. I eBayed a few things and attempted to create a website solely in Flash but it crashed every five minutes. I freelanced a couple of days a week at my former job. I'm working on http://prism.montclair.edu/bones/ and doing some translation stuff there as well as design. Its a lot of fun although I keep messing with this silly idea for a splash page instead of translating.

So I was very busy and suddenly I'm not! The last two weeks were ridiculously full of deadlines but now that they are done, I feel so fulfilled. I really enjoy my work and love the pride that comes from knowing you have done a good job!

Plus now that stuff is done I get to bill! Yay l00t ;)


Kate said...

Wow! You have been busy!

Mandi said...

Wow. I love it. It's so contemporary and clean and crisp. So now I know what you do! Thanks.