Friday, July 16, 2010

a week's worth of burn out

This was a really tough work week. As you guys know I was laid off about a year and a half ago and decided to see how far freelancing would take me.

Its been a pretty successful expirement but there are times where I question my choice.

This week I went into work as an outside consultant Tuesday-Friday. I was up early and got home between 5-7 every night. I understand this is the normal life for most adults but I'm not used to it. However I love the work, the people are nice and its only for a few days so I make do.

The camel's straw was a side project that lost its managing editor this month. The people who took his place did so with an abundance of confidence and lack of understanding. This has led to much confusion, frustration and worse of all - redoing work that was already done.

I've been tinkering with the idea of returning to work part-time for a couple of months but its time to seriously pursue it. When I started freelancing I set a financial goal. If I started dipping close to a certain number in the bank I would go back to work. I'm not there yet but its close enough that one or two more car emergencies could land me there.

Mostly I just want to finish sewing the throw pillows in the living room. They have been mocking me with unfinished edges since Monday afternoon.


Kate said...

Sorry it's been such a tough week. Next week wil be better!

Anonymous said...

Old Spice Guy would have sewn up those pillows with his hand made sewing machine while he cooked you a delicious cake with your name on it. Too bad Alyssa Milano got him first.