Friday, July 9, 2010

Tempting Fate - trifecta'ing it up

Ever since I wrote that post about life being pretty darn good right now, things have swinging in a very opposite direction.

Yet I'm still pretty calm. On my way to get groceries tonight my car's check engine light came on with a brand new swishy sound. I turned arond and came home to putter about the net and decided to watch a movie. I hooked ye olde iPod up to the tv and it died halfway through the flick. Immediately after that I got 3 phone calls and 5 e-mails from a design client who keeps odd business hours.

Its been like that all week - unpleasant little trifectas cropping up in bursts. I won't lie - it can be overwhelming but most of this week's disappointments have dealt with financial or forgotten issues. Some things I knew but forgot and others can be fixed with money.

This car situation is a bummer but luckily its summertime and sunny so I don't like going out early anyway. My local supermarket is open 24-7 so I can walk over tomorrow. The stuff I meant to mail via UPS can go USPS instead.

After all these are minor setbacks that I won't remember a year from now :)


Mandi said...

I love that quote! I need to put it somewhere in my house.

Della said...

I hate that...everything seems to be going fine and then it seems like someone has kicked you in the knees. At least, that's me right now.

Besides, who really needs money for textbooks? ;)

Audra said...

I love this quote. I am going to put it in my cubicle and my refrigerator.
Sorry to hear about the set backs...disappointing, yet something you won't think about next year.

You amaze me!