Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Roundup - Stuff I was too busy to blog about before

TMobile announced the Sidekick line is kaput this month. Word on the street is they will continue supporting current users. I hope the streets are right because I can finally stream YouTube and don't fancy going back to an unstreaming life.

Angela wrote a thought provoking post on body image and the levels of nudity we are comfortable with. She also bought cool sheets but that isn't as relevant to body image ;)

Yesterday was the last day for Bing cashback. I got $181.22 back over the course of the program and am bummed. Bing *made* Black Friday 2009.

Della posted wearing the necklace she on on this site a while ago. Cool!

Sam's Club must be suffering even though Walmart keeps insisting they are making a profit these days. They are planning to have a Shop Free day and are currently offering a $20 incentive to new customers. As an aside - have you visited their facebook page? Some of their questions read like that lame friend you never want to interact with.

Of course its better than OXO, which is constantly bragging about how much fun they are having at work. I'm rather jealous.

Staples is giving away bookbags this week. Buy the bag and get the full purchase price back as a staples gift card. Use this 15% coupon to further sweeten the deal. I got a $75 Swissgear for about $50. You can order on-line if you don't feel like going to a store but only the really pricey ones are left there.

Old Navy layering tanks are $2 each until today. I picked up my 5.


Della said...

Sad about the phone! I myself love my Razor and want it to stay (or at least, be able to find it on ebay where I buy all my phones!)

Angela said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out my friend. :D

LOL on your take on Sam's Club's FB page.