Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pimp my Living Room?

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we're in the process of redoing the living room. We are signing a new year lease and while the old stuff matched itself nicely, it didn't really match the room. Luckily it was bought from craigslist and easily sold back.

This was the original furniture. I really love that fabric on the ottoman. The stuff in here was originally very cool which didn't match the warm room and we can't paint.

Wow look at the difference warmer furniure makes1 I stitch witched the curtains and fitted the bottom shelves with matching fabric.

Check it out - I finally finished a few pillows too! The ironing board and a load of cloth had been sitting behind the couch for about a week waiting for me to stop working. The top pillow is bright yellow but showed up beige here and I don't feel like going back to fix it.

I have a ton more yellow frabic but filling is expensive so I'm waiting to find a sale to make some more.

See my curtains? :D We also bought two shelves to house dvds and sundries. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pick them up and the picture was "ehh" so until the seller bought them here I didn't realize his definition of birch doesn't match my (ikea) definition of birch. So now these two awesome shelves (glass = less dusting ftw!) don't match the table I really like. Glass = Mess - Windex = FTW

Aren't they awesome? They're ridiculously heavy too. I already bought gold tone hardware to replace the black but I forgot it at my brother's house. I tried matching fabric on the back of the shelves to tie the pieces together but you can barely see it.

So any suggestions? I've considered painting the shelves or the table, as well as starching fabric to cover the outside of the shelves. I really like the furniture but feel like the wood tones are competing, although ironically they match the room individually.

This is also the ghettoness of my tv stand :D Prior blog visitors may recognize it as the Vika Amon I tied up last summer. Yep, I sold the old tv stand before buying a new one and had to swipe temporary furniture from the next room

I was originally going to buy this one but its too closed off now in the same room with those shelves. The current trend is to make really low tv stands, which is fine if you have a bigger tv. I have a 32" and like watching at eye level.

Suggestions on getting the bookcases to match the table or on what type of tv stand to buy? I'm all ears...err eyes ;)


Kate said...

Your living room looks great! I love the curtains and coffee table!

Monica said...

Thanks for stopping by! The red curtains really warmed up the LR! Sometimes I use heavy duty wrapping paper on shelves...cut to fit and dropped in...no glue. Stencils on the glass doors might work, maybe 'Movie' on one door...and Reel on the other...or Le Cinema (or is it La?) I wonder if you could use the extra fabric to cover your TV table..if it came down to the floor.. it would hide the cords and DVD player? If the front had two panels with a center opening...it would allow for easy access..just a thought. Monica

mle said...

Love the changes you made to your room! Doesn't it feel good to do so much of it yourself?!
I truly hope you found a new great home for that awesome damask covered ottoman - love that!

Della said...

I love the pillows you've made! Very pretty. :)

I love the different definitions of birch...too funny.

Blue Creek Home said...

The change does make a difference. The curtains are great and all of the new pillows look wonderful.


Joselyn said...

Thanks for stopping by. Nice makeover! Love the pillows! As for your bookcases, everything doesn't have to match perfectly; however, if it really bothers you, why not paint them. Are you set on a red/yellow only color scheme or are you considering bringing in a third color? Perhaps you can paint it that third color or, if not, a creamy, yellow white. Also, a low cabinet pictured here: A Media Console Transformation or pettite dresser could work as a TV stand. Both would hide wires and maybe house the cable box.