Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on Happiness

Happiness is never stopping to think if you are. ~ Palmer Sondreal

When I was a kid I used to think all wishes came true. Shoot, a large part of me still believes that. After all isn't a wish just a desire that can be attained through work and/or luck?

I'm pretty happy these days. At 31, I have pretty much everything I wanted as a kid. I stay up late, get up even later, only cook things that I want to eat, go to the park if I feel like it and have more video games than I play with. I live with my best friend and love our home. I've traveled, worked at places I was curious about and can make a perfect soft-serve cone. I'm healthy and those I love the most are healthy as well. How could I feel anything but blessed by every day as it arrives?

I don't believe we need strife in order to appreciate the things we have. Its human nature to never be completely satisfied; we just need to balance the disatisfaction with an awareness of how trivial most annoyances are.

A friend asked the other day what I do to make myself happy. I was stumped enough to become unhappy. After all, most of things I do to engage my brain are on summer hiatus. I'm not taking classes or planning anything major. There aren't any milestones or filled calendars in my future; each day is taken as it arrives.

I'm ok with that and should that change one day I'm sure I'll be ok with that too. I think the secret to happiness is being content in this moment without complicating the one that passed or the one that's coming.


I wasn't going to set any monthly goals but I just realized I set one unintentionally. I am happier and warmer these days. I don't feel like wearing black or surrounding myself in cold colors. Our living room is a dollop of cold furniture in a warm room so I'm working on fixing that. My roomy is off vacationing and won't be back until next Tuesday so I won't post pictures until then. I don't want her to stress over something that is right up her alley design-wise :)


Angela said...

Very well-said my friend. I love the quote at the top, too. And you're right, there is no need to complicate. :D