Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monthly Goals Recap - the GREAT customer service edition

Last night I dropped by Walgreens around midnight to pick up some of their freebies. Their register rewards machine was acting up so the manager issued me a gift card for the amounts I should have received. Gift cards don't expire and the manager didn't hassle me. +1 Walgreens!

Of course I e-mailed through Walgreens.Com to let them know about my excellent customer service, even at that late hour.


I posted on Sunday about the great Rite Aid coupon debacle. Since the 1-800-RITEAID number was off-line I e-mailed their customer service page. On Monday I received a generic apology from customer service and notice that it would be escalated. On Tuesday I received another apology with a signature and was told my complaint would be forwarded to the district and store managers.

This morning the store manager called to apologize and said the cashiers would be retrained. She agreed they were taking coupon verbiage too literally. Of course I told her the girls were polite and apologetic, just misinformed regarding coupons. I also mentioned shopping at her store weekly without issue and how it is my most conveniently located store (all true).

I asked about the UP program and if I would have qualified for the rewards even if I'd made multiple purchases. She said the program is brand new so she's not sure but she doesn't think so.

As I was about to hang up she said she wanted me to come in and get a $25 gift card. I was surprised and said she didn't need to do that, I was just concerned about being able to shop peacefully in the future. She said she wanted to give it to me. I'm sure she was told to give me the GC beforehand but it felt like a nice, personal touch.

So Rite Aid, I'm sorry for making fun of you for making PathMark's ex-ceo your ceo. I'm just concerned that he drive you further into the red, like he did to PathMark.


Monthly Goal Recap:

1. Get rid of 20 things - I need to make a separate post about the joys of craigslisting. Check
2. Cast off winter garb - Restocking with summer clothes feels like I went shopping! Check
3. VW for an hour a day - Ehh mostly. I quit for two weeks but seem to be immersed again
4. Bring back to-do lists - Sadly, check
5. 5 Nice things about my town - I found a place to thread my brows, they are repaving the street where I played Dodge the Potholes and still bent 2 rims, I can withdraw from the QuickChek atm without penalty, the library is open on Sundays and there are 2 movie theatres with Mystery Shops in town. CHECK!