Friday, July 30, 2010

Monthly Goals: The Early Edition

July was supposed to be my slacker month but I ended up busier more than any other month. I worked out of the home on most days plus took on a few new projects. On top of that I redid the living room, decluttered through craigslist and eBay plus watched both seasons of Dead Like Me.

It was nice but hectic.

August is one of my favorite months. Sweltering July is over but its still nice enough to wander around in shorts. School hasn't started yet.

August Goals:

1. Get catastrophic insurance - I just watched 2 seasons of people randomly dying and am feeling quite mortal. I need insurance to prevent bankruptcy should I get into an awful accident.

2. Try 10 new recipes - I've been looping my recipes from cooking class with a few on-line dalliances. I need to find new, fast meals for days when I work all day and come home exhausted and famished. Calzones tomorrow!

3. Fun - There are two exhibits I want to see in NY - King Tut is here for the first time in 30 years and on his way back to Egypt forever. I even Netflixxed King Tut's Final Secrets to get me in the spirit for this one! Also I live in Jersey and the water should finally be warm enough for me to hit the beach! Plus I want to see a ballgame so I can identify players other than Reyes and Wright.

4. Call more people - I get into this for cycles. Sometimes I'll feel the need to speak to a particular person, so I do. Then I won't call anyone for a week and feel guilty about it. I need to set a goal of calling two people twice a week or I just won't do it.

5. Stop wishy washing about my vision - I designated my Way2Save account as my Lasik fund and it currently has $2,897.41. My glasses are also about 5-6 years old and the other day were a tad wobbly. I got them fixed but am considering a new pair. This month I should set up a Lasik consultation and decide if I want to add New Glasses Money to the Lasik fund and just charge the rest or keep saving for lasik and buy glasses.

I was just looking at my W2S tag history and it looks like I don't tag it everytime I mention it. My last update was almost two years ago so here's a breakdown of what happened last month:

$100 automated monthly transfer
$9 from billpay
$4.42 interest
$25.94 W2S Bonus

I still think W2S is a good service if you want to save slowly for something years in the future (like Lasik when I started this account) but its just such a slow process that I wouldn't recommend it for much else.

Bonus Goal:
I have a difficult time saying no and it doesn't couple well with freelancing. Graphic design seems to be feast or famine so turning down jobs is difficult. Unfortunately this means I end up working out of the home, in the home and in other people's homes on multiple projects at the same time. Its exhausting. I need to figure out how to keep potential clients on my schedule instead of bending mine to suit theirs.

Image from Socks Off