Monday, July 19, 2010

Freelancing and Phone Boundaries

I am having problems with a design client who doesn't follow boundaries.

He is one of those people who loves the phone and calling at ridiculous hours. For example - the last few days I've been receiving voice mails at 11:30PM! Of course I pointed out that I just don't answer my phone after a certain hour but he ignored my request and kept being sent to voicemail.

This has led to my need for Google Phone. From now on work clients, who are not personal friends, will be given my google phone number. I can set it to ring my home number but also to stop ringing between certain hours.

I'm taking today to recharge from this experience and will not work with this person again. One of the beauties of freelancing is that we get to choose our clients and projects. I would never bail halfway through a project but will certainly drop a client if they create drama in my life.

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* Mandi asked and it made me realize how shady and vague this post was! I am a graphic designer. This particular client puts out a monthly newspaper covering news in the next county. And is a pain in my neck


Angela said...

You go girl. Good for you for honoring yourself!!

Mandi said...

Kay so now I really want to know more about what you do. 11:30? Seriously?