Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do Ikea layouts change regionally?

I never thought about it but it makes sense that Ikeas would approach different demographics with different inspiration rooms. I live in an urban area near NYC and a lot of people rent apartments. Our Ikeas are full of micro-living ideas, glass, dark wood and chrome.

Man was I surprised to see this chabby chic room whilst googling earlier! Sure, I know Ikea makes flowered furniture but I've never seen them showcased...and staircases INSIDE a home!? Why would people live on different floors when having everything on one is so convinient? :O

What is your ikea like?


Anonymous said...

Our Ikea is massive. Often when going there, I think of what a space saver approach it seems to have to things. In New Mexico, where I am from, we don't have IKEA, but we build out rather than up, so space is rarely an issue. Here in LA, overpopulated as we may be, we still stretch out. When I have visited denser places like Seattle, London, and NY, I am astonished by the smaller rooms and the compact way people pack their things in.