Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 7 - Favorite cover of your favorite song

Well my favorite song is Happy Birthday. It fosters good will and is customarily followed up with some type of pastry or sweet. What other song has that power!?

I'm not a large fan of remixing or covering in general. Usually the original is good enough and the "tributes" come off as laziness. Weird Al is damn clever so here are some parodies I've enjoyed over the years:

Weird Al - spoofing Chamillionaire. Whatever happened to that guy? Weird Al spoofed him and he vanished.

Amish Paradise - a true classic

Did you guys ever see Cookin' with Coolio on Youtube? That's some disturbing use of film, right there.


Angela said...

I love these choices!!

Mandi said...

LOL I was JUST talking about both these songs! Awesome. These Weird Al's are classics.

Kate said...

These crack me up!