Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 6 - Earliest thing you can remember

Not Me.
I estimate my earliest memory is from when I was 1 1/2 years old. I was in Dominican Republic and my uncle was going for a walk. I wanted to tag along but my hair was sporting a curly baby fro. My aunt sat me on my grandma's bed so she could braid pigtails. I kept turning to see if my uncle was leaving without me, which annoyed my aunt because the braids kept coming out unevenly.

Not me either

I have a few memories from my brother's birth when I was almost 4 1/2. I was left with my aunt and uncle while my parents went to the hospital. I remember watching the soap opera Topacio in a wood panelled living room. When we went to the hospital one of my aunts tagged along but because my brother was in an incubator we had to wear huge (remember I was 4 - everything was huge) green hospital gowns over our regular clothes. They wouldn't let my aunt in because her purse was oversized and outside her robe.

And finally I remember looking into the incubator at my tiny little brother. He was 7lb, although a preemie (we're a big family) and looked tiny to me. He was wrapped up tightly (Locke on Lost would teach me this is swaddling 25 years later) so I could only see his face. There was a pacifier about an inch away from him and he kept sticking his tongue out as if trying to reach it.

So this is why I'm especially nice to children - you never know when they will decide to lock in a memory as their first!