Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 4 - What you imagine paradise to be like.

Paradise would not have any humidity, which will be quite a feat since it will be near so much water. The temperature would be between 80-85 and at night only dip ten degrees. A full moon would come out weekly and it would have torrential rain every two weeks. It would never be sunny enough for sunglasses but always be very light.

There would be wi-fi and underground wiring. All my favorite shopping places would be located within the same mall. There would be an amazing bakery and italian place there also. Since its paradise I will also include a Wachovia and USPS store.

I would never drive but only walk or bike for errands. There would also be a grand train station for when I needed to leave Anny'Ville. I would be within biking distance of both the beach, mountains and bodies of fresh water. There would be birds.

Everyone would be friendly and the neighbors would swap pies with me.

Man does this read like a 4th grade essay or what?