Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 2 - Something that inspires you

The better question would be - what doesn't inspire me?

People who lead busy lives with aplomb inspire me. Life seldom takes you where you planned and the only thing you can adjust is your attitude towards it.

Mandi is one the most inspirational bloggers out there. If I ever own a home I am going to e-mail her in all caps at 4am asking about fonts. I love how her house is personalized everywhere but is not overwhelming because she sticks to a really soothing color palette. Plus she's a hilarious sahm to 4 kids. I can't pick a tv stand but she can moldify everything during naptime and still find time to lovingly poke fun at herself and her family.

Attitude inspires me. I am inspired by human will and tenacity. It doesn't matter if your life is as picture perfect as can be if you are dour and miserable daily. When things go wrong do you panic and sulk or shrug it off and find a way to fix it or not repeat the mistake?

In the end are the wrinkles on your face caused by laughter or worry?


Mandi said...

I did a quadruple take when I saw my name up there. I was like wha?? There is another Mandi?? Thank you for saying that. It seriously honestly made my day. I am going to have my husband read it now. Because that is the kind of dork I am (and then I'm putting it in my journal, 'cause that's the kind of dork I am.)