Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can you afford to date Alyssa Milano? Probably Not

SO GUYS! You know how Old Spice Man has been answering tweets and facebook posts in his towel? Well the pectorally gifted ex-football player has struck up an affair with Alyssa Milano:

At this point it’s probably obvious to you as it is to me that we are in a long-term committed relationship. And in order for our love-filled trust explosion to continue and prosper, the next step is wildly obvious. To you. Because you’re a woman. So tell me what to do next.

Luckily, for all the ladies she asked him to donate $100k to some charity as proof of his love. How 2010 Hollywood! Back in the day all he would have had to do was slay something or save someone. Now he has to be financially selfless?

I mean, this guy is a retired football player who smells good and enjoys exercise. He can't afford to be dropping 100k on her whims! He can't even afford a real change of clothing! Go to her blog to watch their youtubian banterings and check out the flowers he sent.

And in case you were wondering - he did respond to her insane request for financial reassurance of his feelings: "@Alyssa_Milano Apologies for dlay. I'm saving village by damming flash flood w/left pec while typing u this msg w/right pec. My ppl 2call."

Ahh celebrity love

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