Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a Karmtastic Day!

Guys look at what I won from Kate at Bookworm to Bombshell!!! I am wearing a red dress (hello monthly goals) and immediately put on the necklace - then realized my dress could use a belt and its long enough to tie around my waist :D I feel so summery and accessorized *snooty look*

There is another one of these in black listed in her etsy shop - buy it before I do ;)

Then I managed to get rid of my first thing for the month. Last year I bought four mugs that matched my dinner plates at a garage sale. I small talked the seller and told her I'd just moved nearby. Long story short - she gave me a box of 36 mugs from her job. I'm going to blame the heat on my accepting this ridiculously heavy box of stuff I didn't want.

Well I posted it on the free section of craigslist yesterday and had two deadbeaters. Then a lady from a nursing home actually came to get them :D

While its nice knowing my junk will be going to good use, I'm starting to rethink this goal. If giving away a box of new stuff took this much work maybe I should start dumping stuff at donation boxes and calling it a decluttering day.


Kate said...

I'm glad you like the necklace/belt! Great idea!