Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: Oxo soap brush Saves nails, time, sanity!

I've had an Oxo Soap Squirting Palm Brush in my kitchen since May and it has saved me so much time and broken nails!

I equate it to going from a mop you squeeze yourself to a self-wringer. Thanks to this little doohickey I haven't had to touch steel wool or worse - baked on gunk in MONTHS!

The little brush is sturdy enough to get most gunk off without needing to soak. Its awesome on Pyrex corners and has not scratched any of my non-stick Calphalon pans.

That clear receptacle at the top holds liquid dish detergent. If you push the top rubber button, soap squirts. I store it bristle side down on the corner of my sink and it doesn't leak, which I was concerned about. Yep, leaking soap is a concern in my life ;)

My friend asked if it slides out of my hand when doing dishes. Since the soap is on the bristles, the top grippable part doesn't get slippery. The rubber top also does a fair job of keeping it safely in hand.

As always, this review was unrequested and I paid for my own brush.