Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Goals - The Thank Goodness that Month is Over Edition

May 2010 was my worst month in ages. Adding insult to injury, that sucker was 31 days long!

May Recap:
1. Finish car stuff - Check
2. Draft different budgets to see how long I can remain unemployed - Answer: Not long
3. Figure out how to get more useful kitchen stuff for cheap/free - Check
4. Keep Swagbucking - I'm getting multiples a day now! - Check
5. Take 2 photo expeditions - I used to do this all the time in college - Check
6. Keep doing 30 sit-ups every other day (unless sick) - Check

1. Get rid of 20 things - I missed Foolpurge and will be gone for a few days this month so 20 is a reasonable goal

2. Cast off Winter Garb - I've been wandering in summer dresses and outfits for three days and you know what? I like compliments and not sweating. No jeans (barring inclement weather) for a month! Also wash coats and pack up all winter clothing; regardless of what a chore it is.

3. Vampire Wars for only an hour a day - Half in the morning and half at night. A few of my friends already left the game because its overly addictive and time consuming. I don't think I even like playing anymore

4. Bring back To-Do lists - Working from home whilst trying to live a regular life within the same space means stuff is either done immediately or delayed without reason. I may get a white board because multiple post-its don't seem to be cutting it

5. Be more open to the Community - I don't like my town although I love my apartment and roomy. I've been here for a year and am looking to appreciate more than the 24 hour CVS. I've been going to that spirits weekly movie at the library because I love talking about mythology. Also I went to an outdoor music thing yesterday. So I guess...find 3-5 things in town this month that make me glad to live here. Garage sales don't count!

Beyond that keep doing things which are happily part of my routine now - cook most meals from scratch (even though my soda bread last week tasted like corn bread), do sit-ups and read a lot. June will be a better month.


Lawgirl said...

I love whiteboards. I miss having one.

Della said...

I may or may not have stolen a few of your monthly goals. Just saying.