Sunday, June 27, 2010

a Militia is working on it!

"We're working toward what you're describing," Price said. "As we speak, we have a militia of technical people looking at how the receipt won't be the currency going forward. The goal is to have the reward stored in the customer's card."


Now here's some context: Price is Rob Price, CVS's chief marketing officer, talking about converting paper ECBS to rewards that are saved on our customer cards. So instead of having to save all the extra care bucks that print at the end of our receipts, customers can scan their cards and save BIG BUCKS!

I really hope this happens soon.

Back in the day Walgreens would issue rewards in the form of a gift card. Rite Aid mailed monthly checks. CVS has always printed receipt rewards. Now that everyone is printing rewards, its too much paper to keep track of.

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