Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mental Cost of Uncluttering

I've always made financial sacrifices for photography. I received my first camera in fourth grade and spent the next few years scrambling for film and developping money.

In 7th grade my birthday and Christmas money went into my first 35mm toy. I became photo editor in college so I'd have 24-7 access to my own darkroom. The last semester of college I had enough money for a cheap used car or a Canon Eos Elan 7e. I got the camera. When I was making $10 an hour after college I watched the deal boards waiting for my sd450 to drop under $300 so I could buy her.

Its time to unclutter my photography equipment and admit I'm not a photographer anymore. I started small two summers ago by selling my studio lighting and manual 35mm cameras but its time to finish doing this.

I started listing stuff on craigslist this morning and the responses I'm receiving are "Man I've always wanted that, are you crazy for selling it!?" It makes me sad and I'm second guessing every item but I know they haven't been used for years.

All right, enough procrastination. I'm going to photograph my elan 7e and get her ready for listing.

* Oh and that picture up there is of my college best friend and I using up film at the studio before dropping it off. Sometimes we shot in black and white because exploring lighting is fun and we were geeks. Fun times :)


Ryan said...

Bergen Photo?

Della said...

Aww...that's so sad. But uncluttering always feels good after the fact; it's that stupid letting go feeling that I hate!