Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keep Jersey Quake-free until I own less breakables!

Do you have a surplus of kitchen stuff? Unclutterer recently had an article: Solving the mug clutter problem. The gist is most of us own too many mugs. Dinnerware sets bring them, holiday gifts bring them, vacations bring them, kids bring them, etc, etc, etc.

This article made me count mugs and finally admit I own too much dishware. This is my main dish cabinet. Notice the word "Main"? There is stuff in other cabinets. Even worse - there are only two people living here! I love the plates on the second shelf from the top but coudn't even reach them without getting a chair.
So I decided having "fancy company plates" is just dumb. We seldom have dinner parties and I don't get to enjoy the fancier stuff because I'm always eating off the generic whites. Its not even as if my fancy china was expensive - you guys know how well I shop!

The problem was I found the white set above at a garage sale for $4. At the time I needed plates so I bought them. Then I found prettier glass plates. Then someone was craigslisting a square asian set. I kept upgrading the prettiness of my dishware without downgrading the amount of it.

So I started pulling out stuff I don't use. These small juice tumblers match a taller set but I never use the small ones. We're Americans - why would we use small cups when large ones are available!?

I started decluttering, photographing and listing on craigslist. The only problem was that I had to re-store all that stuff once I was done listing! So while I've emotionally removed a bunch of breakables they are still physically around!

So my plan:
1. Continue lowering prices on Craigslist until someone says "FINE! I'll take it." I'm hoping people moving on July 1st will bite.

2. Unload at someone's garage sale. I can't sale where I live but hopefully can mooch off of someone else's sale.

3. Freecyle - Nothing I own was terribly expensive and I'd rather see it get use than keep cluttering my life.

4. Move stuff to top shelf - Until I started this post and looking at that picture it didn't dawn that I can just rearrange these shelves. They are adjustable so I can move the stuff I want to get rid of to the top shelves for now and move down my new everyday pretties :)

What do you do when you realize you own so much stuff that you don't get to enjoy the nicer things?


Kate said...

You're right that stuff can pile up so quickly. I have three sets already.

I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!