Tuesday, June 15, 2010

its a Tweet-yota

I don't know how I missed this but Toyota has been buying banner space around the webs and loading live tweets with #toyota right into them.

Its risky business but I think they're on the right track. My brother (and resident car expert) bought his Camry 4 years ago and absolutely loves it. He took his car in for the suggested fixes but never said a bad word about the company. He drives his two year old around in it and that's as much a safety guarantee as I could ask for.

Toyota is banking that most people are like my brother and that brand loyalty means something. So far their gamble seems to be paying off!


Anonymous said...

I have an 07 Prius. As far as I understand the recall, the issue is a computer issue, not a floormat/shape of accelerator pedal issue. The fix I have been offered by Toyota is to replace my floormat and accelerator pedal. This is a bit disappointing. But I drive still, I have airbags and whatnot. I have been a loyal Toyota lover for as long as I have been able to drive. I am waiting for a brake override system or some real fix for the stuck accelerator issue to come. In a couple months if nothing has come out, perhaps I will talk to the dealership about it. With the zillion Prius owners out there, only a few have experienced "the problem" so I am hoping the odds are in my favor. Just one of those many gambles we take in life.