Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspiration Thursday: Two Extremes in Painting Ikea Wood Furniture

Whenever I post something like this I immediately need to reassure my roomy that I'm not repainting anything in zebra print.

I really admire this room. Everything came from Ikea but it looks much fancier because of some paint and sealant. Ikea gets a bad rap because of its generic furniture but buyers really need to start looking at its furniture as incomplete pieces waiting for personalization.

This piece is ugly. I study ikea's catalog like its got the answers to next week's test and can't remember seeing the rast nightstand, which is a very bad sign.

$5 in stain and $2.80 knobs make this a designer piece! Click here for instructions. The blogger says this piece is solid wood and not flimsy as it appears on the ikea site.

Look at this version! I'd definitely remember seeing this. Click here to see more.

This was done by a Lining Up Ninja!

My eyes hurt but I can't look away...

Traditionally Attractive


Della said...

Poor Ikea...people do say the meanest things about it! But I've loved everything I've gotten from them. :)

PS. I totally think you should paint your table zebra. Hehe. :)

Lawgirl said...

Love this post - totally agree that you can do so much with a piece. We get stuck in thinking we have to accept everything at face value.

Audra said...

I love IKEA. I know it gets a bad rap, but the parking lot in our IKEA is always full. Thanks for posting these redo's. I am stunned. Is it shameful that I *heart* the zebra table? Goes with nothing in my present or future decor, but God help me...I want it.

I think you should RAWK some Zebra something...just for fun.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Peacock feather and zebra print is indeed a unique combination. :)
Thanks for sharing.