Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Inner City Schools Fail

While doing research on a defamation lawsuit in my old town I came across a lawsuit by a Math teacher at my old grade school. I referenced the reverse racism at the school back in March.

from this suit:

"Udetta Chestnut-Garache and Dwayne Maultsbie were permitted by the Administrators of MLK, to teach students racial hatred and bigotry. More specifically telling them that Plaintiff was a racist, calling Plaintiff an “ashy-ass white-boy,” teaching Hispanic students that they were black and that white people hated them too, and making other racially inappropriate remarks to the students about white people. Complaints about such statements by Plaintiff were immediately disregarded."

I went to MLK from kindergarten to eighth grade. It was considered one of the "good" schools in town. Every one of my black teachers actively promoted reverse racism. My brother is four years younger than me and went to the same school. He's often said he didn't realize he wasn't black until he got to high school and was exposed to other races and teachers with broader minds.

This is why I hate reading the news before bed. I end up antsy, upset and filled with rage at these people who are allowed to teach children such jaded, scary views of the world. As long as the kid isn't physically abused, no one seems to notice anything else about them. Some teachers either don't realize or don't care about the hurt they are causing by closing off kid's minds with prejudice.


Mandi said...

I had no idea this kind of stuff even existed. NO idea.