Friday, June 4, 2010

Guess the top 3 Passwords


1. 12345
2. 123456
3. 123456789

Who are these people!? Most of us have checked our bank accounts from work (possible monitoring be damned!) or are around others when logging in. I defy you to discreetly type 1-9.

The following chart says 47% of identity theft is done by someone the victim knew. They probably saw a half-assed password and figured the victim deserved it for being so predictable *sigh*

I have 6-8 on-line finance accounts. Each has a different password, which can be annoying when checking out of order or rushing and have to think "Chase has this login name/password combo." Its still better than using "password" as 1 in FIVE on-line bankers do. Its like they're begging to be scammed.

Identity Theft and Password Security
Via: Online MBA

I'm glad to see the 65+ group is the one being scammed the least. Stats are always being released about how they're popping up on social networking sites but I can't remember one charting their on-line banking habits. I doubt a large percentage are using it. Hell - my parents are in their late 50s and still distrust ATM cards.
Speaking of atm cards, Professor Cameron had an interesting post the other day on lawmakers not knowing how to use them. So while we're being inundated by reports of Senate tweeters and just witnessed the massive Obama social movement, we forget these folks are in the minority.

Luckily it seems to be protecting them from on-line identity theft as well.