Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canon SD1400 Procured, Anny Elated

This picture was taken about 20 minutes after boarding the cruise ship last week. See the level of excitement at finding a wall of candy on-board?

Its nothing compared to how I feel now!

Guys I just bought the Canon sd1400 I haiku'ed about back in April and what a deal it was!!!

As I've mentioned before, I am selling a bunch of crap stuff on craigslist and eBay as part of my monthly goals. About two weeks ago I let go of my beloved Canon sd450 for $50. Well this camera cost less than that WITH a $2 year warranty!

Lets break it down:

Camera: $249.99
50% off Coupon: Cost $20, Saved $125
2 Year warranty: $19.99
2 $60 ink coupons: -$120
Subtotal: $46.73

So how can you start getting deals like this at Staples?

#1 Recycle ink cartridges
If you don't have cartridges, recycle those from work, school or buy them on eBay (this is what I do). Staples currently gives $3 per recycled cartridge so recycling 40 cartridges saved me $120 on this purchase. Staples has so many rebates that recouping the cost of a year's worth of cartridges takes about a month, making the rest of the year "free."

#2 Don't be afraid to buy coupons
I've bought (and sold) coupons multiple times. Sure $20 for a coupon is a lot of money but it saved me $125 (really $105 if you factor in the coupon cost). Sometimes you need to spend in order to save.

#3 Warranty at your own discretion
This is a small camera and I know a 2 year old. If I hadn't bought the warranty the final camera cost would have been about $6.00. However, since I was paying such a small amount my credit card would not cover a replacement or $250 value of the camera should something happen. I plan to keep this sweet little camera for years so $20 was worth it.

Man its barely noon and my day has gone so well I feel like going right back to sleep and calling it a day.


Della said...

WOWEEE! Dude, I think you just made my day too! I can't wait to see the pictures you take with your new toy. :)

Kate said...

Hooray! I love mine! It's a great little camera! Enjoy!

Angela said...

Totally jealous of your saving ways.

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

What great tips! Fantastic! Congrats on your new camera :).