Monday, June 7, 2010

Any tried cures for shoulder pain?

I hurt my back the Friday before last and spent all of Saturday in bed with pain killers and Under the Dome. It was that bad.

In the subsequent week and a half I didn't do any sit-ups, lift anything heavy or even attend bikram. The back pain was gone within two days but my shoulders are still killing me! I went to bikram tonight, hoping the heat and stretching would help. I sweated the pain away but now that I'm cooled off its back.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I've tried heat patches, rubbing, wearing warmer clothing, light stretching and sleeping in different positions. The poor things are still swollen.

I'm hoping for a solution less extreme than practicing yoga in front of a warm oven.


Lawgirl said...

Ice, Ice, baby. No, really - heat will not work on something like this. You need to ice it, 20 minutes per hour.

And ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory.

Mandi said...

I can have some pretty bad back pulls- back rubs to get the knot out is usually what saves me, but BUT this one sounds waaay serious. I one time (and one time only thank heavens) had such a bad pain near my shoulder blade that sitting or laying down, it hurt bad. I decided that everything I was doing to it was exacerbating the problem. Have you considered an anti-inflammatory shot? If it's real bad that might help.?.

Shoulder Pain Coach Rick said...

I am sorry yo u are in pain. You can do some simple Stretches, Range Of Motion and Strength Exercises will get rid of your shoulder pain. I guarantee you this will cure your should pain.