Friday, May 7, 2010

Swagbucks Kinda Redeems Itself

Search & WinBack in December I griped about how difficult it is to earn Swagbucks.

Well this week they are doubling the number of winners, which is a mixed bag. I typically get 1 swagbuck a day. Now I'm getting 2-3 but they are for smaller amounts so I think its a psychological win.

They also have a daily poll worth all of 1 point ... but since they take 5 seconds to answer its a good return on investment.

My roomy is also swagbucking, which is an incentive for my own searches. Last month I earned $10 worth of Amazon gift certificates, which were promptly applied to those speaker stands I wanted.

If you aren’t already a Swagbucks member, you can get 50 Swagbucks when you sign up here. Just use code SWAGNATION5.