Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Staples and UPS team up to deliver FAIL

Look at what I came home to. An open Staples box reeking of Pine Sol and bleach.

Mixed in there were a surge protector, napkins and candy.

I blame Staples for this mess. Who packs a 26lb box and ships it via UPS without a ton of padding and reinforcement?

I immediately called and they will be coming out with a new box tomorrow and taking this one back.

I'm already sick, the last thing I needed was to be deluged by strong household cleansers before I even make it through the front door *sigh*

If this doesn't scare you off, Click here for $20 off $50 worth of household cleaning supplies at Staples. Caveat Emptor.

I emptied the box on my kitchen counter and put this upside down. Then I had to break out the OTHER cleaning agents because the paint melted all over the counter.

Complete Fail.