Saturday, May 8, 2010

Staplatic Redemption - All this cost less than a quarter

Remember my Staples debacle from earlier in the week? After my complaint they reshipped everything via local courier. I accidentally deleted the picture but it was an absolutely cubed perfection.

This is the part where I'm a lousy blogger; in order to take part in this deal you only have until midnight tonight and you need to have a $60 ink coupon available.

The grand total for all of these items was 21 cents.

First I used their $20 off $50 cleaning and breakroom supplies. Then I used a $60 ink recycling coupon.

Here's how recycling works at Staples - you recycle an ink cartridge and they will e-mail you a $3 coupon towards anything in the store. The average customer has a limit of 10 cartridges which can be recycled per month. People who spent over $1000 in one calendar year have a limit of 20 cartridges. Yep, I'm a Staples Baller B)

So where can someone get cartridges? Their own printer, or the printers of family members who are lazy. Then there is work - I worked 3 days this week and managed to nab FOUR cartridges in that time. Can you imagine how many I would have if I worked daily!? Then of course there is the old standy - eBay.

Anyway this is what I bought:
Tide Laundry Detergent : $16.99
Clorox Liquid Bleach : $3.29
OXO Soap Squirting Palm Brush : $4.99
PineSol Disinfectant : $10.99
Refill for Mop : $5.99
Lunch Napkins : $4.99
Jolly Ranchers : $3.99
Swedish Fish : $3.99
SPLS Digital Toslink Cable : $14.99
Surge Protector : $9.99

Subtotal: $80.20
Delivery: FREE
Coupon1: -$20.00
Coupon2: -$60.00
Tax: $0.01

Total: $0.21

Now some of those prices are insane - $10 for a surge protector!? $16 for laundry detergent!? What you have to keep in mind is the end sum. Sure, those items are drastically overpriced and the order had to be shipped twice.

but in the end it all cost less than a quarter and I am happy with all the tools needed to clean for months ;)


Mandi said...

21 cents?? Seriously? Holy crap. You go girl.