Sunday, May 23, 2010

NYC's Highline Park

I went to Highline Park today and since one of my (ignored) monthly goals this month was to take pictures at two places where my niece isn't I took my camera along. Highline Park used to be a lift that would pull freight trains off the crowded streets and have them continue on their elevated way. Since its no longer being useful the area has been turned into a park.

Rails run into sealed off walls.

The place is pretty wheelchair and stroller accessible.

I like graffiti

See that black viewing area to the left over the street? Its a bunch of wooden steps for people to sit on.

Watching traffic driving away

Reminding me of why I don't drive in NYC

You can't tell in this shrunken version but the Statue of Liberty is in the distance between these ladies.

I will always be in awe of NYC architecture.

This art display was inside a portion of the park which used to be a meat packing warehouse. An artist sampled different portions of the Hudson river and created glass panes based on individual pixels. I love pixels!

There was a choir singing in latin. On Tuesday mornings this space hosts free pilates classes.

I happenstanced upon a Top Chef demonstration and got to sit in the audience and watch. The two chefs were adorable and the recipe was super easy.

We got to sample the chicken salad recipe - Yum! Also pictured - mango sorbet I brought inside with me.

More graffiti yay!

Then I went home, dropped by my drugstores and took a nap.

The End.


Savvy Gal said...

that little patch of garden in the middle of the city is sweet.